Teaching Experience

Summer 2019:

Developed and taught BIOL359: Coastal and Marine Mycology a 3 week field course at the Chincoteague Bay Field Station. This course is set to be taught again in Summer 2020 (Registration is now open to all college students!)

Spring 2019 & Spring 2020:

Assistant Professor, Lock Haven University:

  • BIOL107: Principles of Biology 2 (Lecture & Lab) – Clearfield Campus
  • BIOL101: Basic Biology (Lecture & Lab) – Clearfield Campus
  • BIOL450: Senior Seminar (Lecture) – Lock Haven Campus

Fall 2018 & Fall 2019:

Assistant Professor, Lock Haven University:

  • BIOL215: Basic Microbiology (2 sections; Lecture & Lab) – Clearfield Campus
  • BIOL106: Principles of Biology 1 (Lecture & Lab) – Clearfield Campus

Summer 2018:

Instructor, Lock Haven University, Clearfield – BIOL215: Basic Microbiology (Lecture & Lab)

Fall 2017:

Instructor, Penn State Altoona – MICRB107: Elementary Microbiology (2 Lab sections)

Teaching Assistant, Penn State University Park – MICRB107: Elementary Microbiology (2 Lab sections)

Summer 2017:

Instructor, Lock Haven University, Clearfield – BIOL215: Basic Microbiology (Lecture & Lab)

My Teaching Philosophy:

Curiosity encourages growth, creates opportunity, and opens minds to learning. I believe that sparking curiosity in a diverse audience is a fundamental tool for effective teaching. At any institution, students come from varied backgrounds with different motivations for pursuing their education. As an instructor, I use this diversity as a tool to help students connect with the material and, in turn, inspire curiosity. I find this diversity both exciting and challenging, and it is one of the major factors that has inspired my interest in teaching. I draw from my student’s background and interests to supplement learning objectives and encourage a more in-depth understanding of the course material. My philosophy is primarily derived from my own teaching experiences in the classroom, and through science outreach and communication.

As a teacher, I enjoy being on the front lines of science education and communication. I find fulfillment in helping students comprehend difficult concepts, master essential skills and navigate their own career path. Every student comes from a different background with different motivations for pursuing their degree. Accommodating this diversity creates a better learning experience for everyone in the classroom, and is a fundamental component of my teaching philosophy.

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