My research interests encompass several areas of mycology:

1) Fungal Taxonomy – I am broadly trained in fungal taxonomy. Having obtained my Ph.D. while working in the Fusarium Research Center at Penn State University, I have specific expertise in the area of Fusarium taxonomy. My taxonomic interests have also expanded to marine fungi as well as the ascomycete genus Pseudogymnoascus. 

See the following pages for more specifics on my interests in fungal taxonomy:

Taxonomy of Marine Fungi

– Pseudogymnoascus taxonomy

– Fusarium taxonomy

2) Fungal Diseases of Wildlife –  Fungal diseases are an emerging threat the biodiversity and ecosystem health worldwide. I have extensive experience working with the fungi responsible for two wildlife diseases: White Nose Syndrome and Sea Turtle Egg Fusariosis.

3) Marine Fungal Diversity and Ecology – Much of my dissertation research focused on the diversity of Fusarium species associated with coastal and marine environments. Aligned with my interests in marine fungi, I developed a field course in coastal and marine mycology focused on documenting the biodiversity of marine fungi in coastal Virginia ecosystems.

4) Veterinary and Medical Mycology –  I’m interested in Fusarium species associated with clinical and veterinary mycoses. Specifically, what drives their pathogenicity? To this end, my work has focused on biofilm formation capabilities in certain Fusarium species, and how this might play a role in their ability to infect humans and animals.

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